SLICE Catering Services

SLICE Catering Services

One of the biggest ways you can let your guests down at an event is with subpar food and beverages.

This is an area that can make or break any good event. Guests typically remember if the food was good or bad at any event and it is often something that is a deciding factor in whether the guests felt the event was spectacular or less than memorable. At Slice we have the high quality catering services to match the excellent venue that we provide. You can count on our experienced catering team to keep your guests happy at the party or other event.

We are able to provide you with a wide variety of food types from small bites to complete full course meals. Our chefs create the most decadent desserts and appetizers that everyone will be talking about. For special events we also provide specialized foods such as the teen food packages with foods that they will all love. The chefs are able to provide traditional favorite party foods along with some new cuisine options to ensure that you are getting something for everyone in the group.

The top notch chefs on the team also have a wide range of talents when it comes to different cultures and religions so that we can provide you with the foods you need for just your event. From Mexican food to the best food fitting a bar mitzvah, we can provide you with the best in options. You’ll find that they can be extremely accommodating to your food choices whether you need amazing vegetarian options or gluten-free fare. Regardless of the type of event, you are having, whether it is corporate or just a great party, the catering team can make it special.

Not only does our catering team include some top chefs, but our servers and other team members are excellent at what they do. They will help provide your guests with the experience that they will talk about for a long time to come. We are professional in appearance and manners with an emphasis on making sure that everyone at your event is enjoying themselves and has just what they need and want. We can even provide you with the bartending team that knows just what your guests are craving. Getting the most out of your money is what we plan to help you do with our quality food and beverage services.

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Our specialized corporate catering services allow you to host an event that your guests will enjoy while also getting a little business done. We understand that your event may have several stops along the way that require a well-staffed team to help with food and drinks. This is often like a well-choreographed dance that requires each step to move along in a timely manner, starting at specific times and with a seamless flow that works well with the other events planned during the event. The Slice catering team can give you the smooth transition that is necessary between segments of any of your events.

The first step to a great party or other event is meeting with the professional catering services team at Slice. They will be able to help you see what you need and how they can best fill that need. Our experts have been down the same road before and they are ready to help guide you to the perfect party with food, drinks, and atmosphere that is going to change the way your guests feel about your event. Make sure that the talk around town about your party or event is positive with the help of the Slice catering team.

With our customized catering menus and our Executive Chef, we will ensure that the food for your event will surpass your expectations.  Menu to your tastes and style.

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