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The details can sometimes be overwhelming when you are planning an event. Our party planning service allows you to get just what you want without having to exhaust yourself with all of the details. We have the team of experts that can put together your next event, whether it is a reunion, birthday or anniversary. We are even equipped to handle your biggest corporate event. We can organize the entire event from the entertainment to the food. Taking the ideas that you have for the event and turning them into reality is what we do best.

You will have the opportunity to meet with our professionals and give them an idea of what you want along with your budget. After that point, the team will put together the details of the event from beginning to end. You can decide how much involvement you want in the process and what you want to approve before going on with the planning. We can do it all for you or just give you some help with the details. This is a great way to get just what you want without having to do all the research and hard work.

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Thanks to the cooperation of our catering services, Slice can provide you with all of the best in food and beverages to keep your guests happy. We will work hand-in-hand with the catering team to ensure that you are getting the right food for your party or event. You can trust us to bring some excellent menu ideas to your attention. If necessary, we can also work with the bar staff to be sure that you are getting the right vibe for your event. Taking your party or event concept and bringing into reality is what we do best.

When you are planning an event at Slice you will have a setting that is completely closed to the public. The setting is club-like and provides guests with the chance to hold parties that are invitation only. Our party planning team understands your need to keep your party exclusive. We are prepared to help you plan the entire event to fit the needs of you and your guests from the lighting to the seating. The entire team works together to help you get the exact setting to host your party. Thanks to the long-standing working relationship that our team has with one another, the planning will go smoothly with all hands on deck.

Your event will not be limited in time and space like other venues you may have come across. This makes planning your party or other event that much more exciting for our team. The entire process is made much easier by the fact that the team is seamless. We have the catering crew, event planning professionals, lighting and sound group and entertainment experts all within the same team. This allows us to plan each detail as you want it to be. It also makes staying within the budget for the event much more comprehensive.

The Slice party planning team is prepared to help you get everything you are looking for at your next event. You’ll find that we are easy to process your ideas through and that we are ready with answers to any issues or questions that might arise. Taking the time to meet with the professionals will help you see just what they can do for you when getting your next party off and running. We’re ready to assist you in building an amazing party experience for you and all of your guests no matter what the occasion might be.

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